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animals made of bicycles a side dish of cyclones
noises of horses swishing the acorns with hooves
as broad as shovels the sides of their bodies grooved
the small eyes the millions of lime sodas a mile of row houses
the windows swallowed our eyeballs there were no stones
no slabs no syllables no labels just soft folds
little spools wrapped in thread the wooden dowels
the rabbit den full of tidbits collected through the cell phones
a hobby to whore around the runners of wood
slid down the staircase a staircase of cherry wood
a window to look at the dead woods it was winter
and the leaves left us alone with the river there in the center
of the valley left us alone with the verses of honey and flies
the words worked backwards and forwards they were always
there the words wouldn’t leave never his grunts became more
liberal the stuff of striving a football game in a warzone
we ate chocolate and shit in the endzone
the touchdowns of solid gold a hit for the fans to spin
on their razor blades the bald man was there on the bench
we approached from the back and left a pile of bread crumbs
along the curbs what was the meaning of the adventure
the books we bought in the parks along the way
there were birds but we didn’t notice them at the time
the sun was hot and i sat near a few old men
one without any legs chatting about caretakers
a monument in the middle of the square to the idea
of the death of the teeth in the mucus in the muscles
in the clam shell a booger we ate without thinking
of the grit the terror the juice that filled the glasses
transparent liquid in a transparent glass a glow called green
refreshing us i guess we believed it was true
a taxi driver with tight tires his teeth were floats in his mouth
his gums were radiating dental dams goddamn this is the fountain
of radiation dials the sled of elves the sieve of dead elms
you were there and saw the way the sunset on that civilization
it was crazy they were all chopping each other into soup
into stews strewn within the dinners of the mayans


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in a winter unending,
a metal sound echoes
on the bricks and bridges of the city

to how many oceans did she fall asleep listening?
a surge pulse of water sucking sand
shoulders form a shelter

you are a work bird
that wakes and loosens
pinions on flat matte carpet

well, leaves come back, anyhow,
green as ever, horrid freshness

brown brothers fertilizer now,
and soft sound-makers under footfalls

wow, what a winter, the
fall unfolded unremarkable,
but wow, winter.

no fever could end
her crisp unsparing air
as starving as dogs

rip a chicken corpse tossed
at the edge where the dull light
from this campfire someone started
turns night

no beginning, none,
just rhythmic throbbing tongue eating
tinder it touches

you will be ash and I will be ash
leaves will cling to trees entire seasons
and oceans slush along as we slither
and drool along the shore, sleeping

Pœπ¥ çlø¨∂$

Such wild and petty clouds in the sky. The drain took the water down in a violent swirl. The man’s headdress was covered in violets. Watch the rest of the movie here, just click below. Just because the rain melted the sand castle is no reason to look down on him. The desert is not the one you want to be fucking with this morning. Brutally hot sun in the liquid sky. The building is in the background like a needle. He had a gift for the presentation of facts as fictions. So much for the Super Bowl; it’s been blown to bits. This is the way language dies, one syllable at an approximation of sound and so the language was confused at the whole trial. White is the color of her fortune. Wishing away the stars in the sky to be in the absolute black of it, the absolute shipwreck black the sand tastes like sand; the sun burnt a hole in your trousers. Your eyes barely had time to adjust before the attack. Falling into a peach pit of despair. So much for salmon salami, didn’t sell well. Nothing he had ever experienced prepared him for the ten days of testing. The bubble on the back of the sheet must be filled in completely in pencil. The machine can read the pencil that fills the bubbles on the paper be careful to only fill in one bubble. Please no stray marks on the bubble sheet. Her hand touched the elbow of the boy in the short sleeve sandwich. His ass blinked the vibrations were jiggling the foundational elements are not ready for all required of them fortunately the laboratory survived the african lion attack. The claws were digging into the back of the gazelle got eaten like a pie slice. Oh lord let the rain wash away all this human waste of flesh. Forty days lord. Forty days. Maybe not so fast. Don’t make move or the movie might be disturbed. I’m sleepy with style and grace. Her scent lifted the whole room into heaven. We wavered and various decisions were deferred.

Our souls are trapped inside our bodies struggling to get free. Knitted together with muscle and sinew.

instead of going with my instinct and attaching myself to the feelings in my heart, I wished that I could be blind, too, and oblivious to all of the distractions of the world. I wanted to be blind and see the fence the flower the lonely man leaning there and watching the distance and hear the cart wheel that set his mind floating back to the failures of his life which were slowly looking something like success which were slowly looking something like events without success or failure, just events and the earth will eat us all up in the end, it eats us all up in the end there is no us left anymore; there was a way I could almost become the blind girl by being near her, she showed me how to close off the eyes of others and go into the place where the material of the heart is the material that matters

talking directly to god outside of any religion with my breath held by my wrists
islam is the better technology no shade christians
Mo had mo time to get it right
five times a day submit
submit five times a day
his hair was in his eyes weight on his head

runs the philippines

Repeating a favourite campaign refrain, the new president also said it would make good business sense to set up funeral parlours.

“I assure you you won’t go bankrupt. If your business slows I will tell the police, ‘Do it faster to help the people earn money’.”

During the campaign, Duterte said 100,000 people would die in his crackdown, with so many dead bodies dumped in Manila Bay that fish there would grow fat from feeding on them.

“Fuck you UN, you can’t even solve the Middle East carnage … couldn’t even lift a finger in Africa [with the] butchering [of] the black people. Shut up all of you,” he said.



People all walk by with heads down even though the sun is out now. I was waiting for a sign from our god to tell me where to go next, what to do next. I felt a need to get out of life, it was becoming repetitive. I needed a complication. Running out of money would be a complication. The puzzle not without some rough edges. Snow falls in wet flakes. I am the weather. I am a function of the weather. We rotate all together. White hair, white snow. A city full of music.

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The latest casualty in Kim’s ongoing purge of the senior military command was the defense minister, Hyon Yong-chol, who reportedly committed the classic old man’s offense of falling asleep in a meeting. South Korean intelligence reported that this so angered Kim that, on April 30th, Hyon was executed by anti-aircraft guns.

His other crimes, according to the North, included showing disrespect to Mr. Kim during a political gathering by “unwillingly standing up from his seat and halfheartedly clapping.”

They reportedly included a vice-minister who objected to Kim’s decision to change the roof design of a building under construction in Pyongyang.

Choe is said to have been shot by a firing squad after he had apparently expressed disagreement with over the leader’s forestry policies, and shown ‘poor work performance’.

The manager of a North Korean terrapin farm was reportedly executed shortly after Kim Jong-un visited his facility in May, the Korean news site Daily NK reported on Tuesday. The Taedonggang Terrapin Farm was originally built by Kim’s father, North Korea’s previous leader Kim Jong-il, who “exerted efforts to provide the people with tasty and nutritious terrapin widely known as precious tonic from olden times,” according to the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

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filled up some dunkin donuts cups
and you were asleep in your seat
the snow made a scrim to watch the graves thru
and flakes melt when they touched the glass
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trey gowdy is stunned!

it’s beautiful to see the curtain pulled back on intense idiocy. congress attacks! lectures and walks away like limp peepee hole. the press rushes in to take photos. writing appears on the internet. here is some more: let’s accept that this country was founded by and is run by maniacs and castoffs. religious extremists, exiled gentry, hunters and trappers, societal rejects, gold diggers, indentured servants, slaves. ben franklin was a cannibal. don’t judge, observe

I am stoop shouldered in this suit at this lectern. There is not one badge to distract you. I look now so much like what I am: a stoop shouldered old man with library burns on my ass, with hair full of product, with eyes no longer thinking, with a power point presentation, inviting emails no on dares to send, and showing you this image on the curved wall of the bubble the auditorium of maximum competence of minimum resistance of every sweet drop of delicacy in the known earth that we are walking along the know earth that moves one under the other of it’s earthy friends into the past into the slow horizon to the rear and we will fulfill the mission that was asked of us for all those years ago their house was built with it with the straight and heavy concrete of the forefathers this pool here is for meditation and this bench in the drainage ditch is where the smoke goes in. And the neighbors don’t love us and the people were shot to death in their cars here and here and here and the beard was blow right off the child in the fire pit; here eyes were wet and gleaming at the stories that her uncle the man who fights is telling in the deep night the sound is like a lack of sound, the removal of sound, the absence of any sound the sound of the missile is silence. Now the earth is burnt the building is seaweed on the ocean shore, the child is buried in it, the uncle’s face is on teevee, the fat man on the teevee is celebrating the whole world is turning its tail off trying to shake the human booger from its finger; ‘they stuck! they stuck to my finger! or my thumb! this horrible booger of murder and hate! oh lord, oh allah, of yaweh, oh buddha, oh science, oh crystals, oh spaceman, of marijuana cigarette, oh fingers of mercy, oh spiders and beavers, oh hard data, oh faith, please shake free the human booger from the finger.

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backwards through the think boundary of sleep

I love you
I spent several decades in one night of sleep once. I lived in an apartment on a hill, in an older town neither American or European, but a little of both, a geometric place of dark grays concrete and stone. Inside was comfortable. I biked home and left the bicycle outside and people came to visit here and there, but the life was one of solitude for the most part, this decades long dream house. All the events of my life were happening, but I was only experiencing the places where they didn’t happen; these cut out and unimportant moments of silence sitting on a couch in the dim light of the apartment feeling the leftover feeling of my life passing me by. There were muted oranges in the interior as well, but for the most part it was simple natural material, plaster or maybe sheetrock and life was passing. This was a good life. I would wake from the life still inside the dream and then return to the life dreaming inside the dream; when I woke into this life, I had spent decades there. Now I don’t remember where the dream occurred though I think of it as an alternative life to the one that I ended up living. It is the other life I lived inside of one night.

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June 2015


how many thousand houses after the rain showers
are lowered into craters filled to the rim with mirrors
the light like a lightning bolt across the walls of the museum
you’ve never seen a chapel like this before
and after the rain showers the strawberry sprouts
were bigger and the clover came up as a thousand clovers
lower in the earth than the thin grasses
a shadow on the dry earth i kept typing about the shadow
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83-1three friends in this rainstorm kids on the street we’re getting wet together and they are running
around the same corner i always see them run around and one takes off his shirt, so now there are two
shirtless and they are laughing happy enough to get wet or not get wet and really just loving the running
on streets on a saturday with skies that blew in from a bit of a different direction this time you can watch
from the window how the silver rolls in at an angle form out on some water you’ve seen and can picture
but can’t see front the window. storms love open water to grow over strong up their bellies with nothing
to stop them and the kids round the corner, can’t see them except i have e feeling of them splaying past
the steel press shop and the public school and probably cutting through the dutch park to the projects
and drying off and sipping coke and sniffing saturday dinner with the NBA playoffs going the rain has
moved down the road and is gathered in a way i can see the edges of the storm and now i love it because
i can imagine putting this rainstorm in my pocket and taking it with me and using it when i need it-enough
of a rainstorm to send the kids running and push me under this awning and darken the sky so the whole
neighborhood broods in a sunny disposition because we all love a reason to watch the weather heads shaking
but this rainstorm in also cute though he’d hate to hear me say that about his attempts to wetter the city.
it’s may and i’m loving something i can’t figure out what that’s changing inside of me and it’s got to do
with a year of poetry and three months of reading the words to myself and typing out lines and worried
to distraction about life decisions is fading because i’ve figured something eternal out in the poems or
something like that or another the rainstorm has headed somewhere over the horizon of buildings and elevated
streets that frame us where we stand always watching the skies