83-1three friends in this rainstorm kids on the street we’re getting wet together and they are running
around the same corner i always see them run around and one takes off his shirt, so now there are two
shirtless and they are laughing happy enough to get wet or not get wet and really just loving the running
on streets on a saturday with skies that blew in from a bit of a different direction this time you can watch
from the window how the silver rolls in at an angle form out on some water you’ve seen and can picture
but can’t see front the window. storms love open water to grow over strong up their bellies with nothing
to stop them and the kids round the corner, can’t see them except i have e feeling of them splaying past
the steel press shop and the public school and probably cutting through the dutch park to the projects
and drying off and sipping coke and sniffing saturday dinner with the NBA playoffs going the rain has
moved down the road and is gathered in a way i can see the edges of the storm and now i love it because
i can imagine putting this rainstorm in my pocket and taking it with me and using it when i need it-enough
of a rainstorm to send the kids running and push me under this awning and darken the sky so the whole
neighborhood broods in a sunny disposition because we all love a reason to watch the weather heads shaking
but this rainstorm in also cute though he’d hate to hear me say that about his attempts to wetter the city.
it’s may and i’m loving something i can’t figure out what that’s changing inside of me and it’s got to do
with a year of poetry and three months of reading the words to myself and typing out lines and worried
to distraction about life decisions is fading because i’ve figured something eternal out in the poems or
something like that or another the rainstorm has headed somewhere over the horizon of buildings and elevated
streets that frame us where we stand always watching the skies